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  October 2,1944
  U.S. First Army assaults West Wall  




In Axis & Allies: RTS , players will relive and experience the most epic struggle in the history of mankind, World War II.   Players will be able to direct the military and economic destiny of any one of the world's most powerful countries - United States, England, Germany, The Soviet Union or Japan. Axis & Allies: RTS will not only capture the intensity of war but will also allow players to change the outcome of the major battles and campaigns of World War II.   Confronted with the strategic and tactical situations experienced by the top generals and national leaders of the period, players will have to make critical decisions that determine the fate and the destiny of the world.

Axis & Allies: RTS will feature gameplay elements such as unique organization of units; command of land, sea, and air units in real-time; dynamic fronts and supply lines; interaction with Generals and Leaders of the era; and intense online play with a powerful random scenario generator.


  • Play as any of the 5 super-powers - each with unique & authentic capabilities
  • Fight the war across the world (Europe, Africa, Pacific)
  • Undertake alternate history campaigns that play out through WWII
  • AI personality and tactics change and adapt based on the situation
  • Command land, sea and air real-time
  • Play online with skirmish and instant action modes
  • Each superpower features authentic and unique units
  • Destructible environments
  • Random map generator
  • Mobile HQ's allow the player to adjust the ebb and flow of battle.
  • "dynamic campaign" feature allows multiple paths to victory and
    defeat within the game.
  • Equipment , vehicles and dates are all accurate based on their place in World War 2 history.
  • The outcomes and decisions made in the individual RTS battles
    can affect the global situation.
  • Some of the pinnacle battles and engagements from World War 2 have been included in Axis & Allies, historical turning points such as Normandy, Kursk, Arnhem, Stalingrad and Pearl Harbor.
  • Real-World Military Leaders
    Fight with and against 20 great military leaders of WWII including Patton, Nimitz, Rommel, Tojo, Zhukov and Montogomery. Each leader will impact the strategies and capabilities of their troops in their own authentic manner.
  • Battlefield Command System
    Innovative and intuitive control system allows you to focus on strategic combat by eliminating resource micro-management. Give battle orders and your troops will carry-out all of the detailed actions required. Your troops will also gain experience as they fight and learn to better respond and react to the constantly changing battle conditions.

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Single Player FAQ
Multiplayer FAQ


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